Bedwars Texture Pack

Bedwars Texture Pack. This texturepack is a pvp bedwars/hypixel texturepack download. Actually, this is not a big surprise, because the pack is optimized for pvp.

THE BEST BEDWARS TEXTURE PACK EVER! ( Includes download from

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This Texturepack Is A Pvp Bedwars/Hypixel Texturepack Download.

Start date feb 17, 2022. I disagree with this thread that asks for a texture pack and i hope you all see my point of view because minecraft is so beautiful and if she was a real girl i would smash her 10/10. Does anyone have any bedwars texture packs they recommend as my last one was boring.

Install Blue Glory By Xolrobox.

A retro style 128x pvp pack for bedwars download. Hope you guys all enjoy :)join my discord server: Install filename bedwars pack ver

A 16X Texture Pack For Bedwars That Keeps The Same Basic Feel But With A Little Spice By Including A Custom Crosshair, Outlined/Bordered Wool, A Better.

As you probably know, the game mode bedwars is all about destroying the opponent’s beds. Aug 1, 2020 game version: Adds different textures such as wool, break animations, short swords and more.

Aug 1, 2020 Game Version:

This a texture pack designed to keep the original feel of minecraft but at the same time make it so much more useful and pretty. Jul 12, 2020 game version: Thanks to purpled and trixxxer.

Get The Mod Here 6.

5 best minecraft texture packs for bedwars. Aug 18, 2021 #1 in today's video i showcased what i believe to be the best bedwars texture packs when it comes to both. Any bedwars texture pack which make me feel sweaty and looks nice?

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