The Only ESO Leveling Guide For Veteran Rank Zones

You can’t Google “ESO” with tripping over an eso leveling guide. They are everywhere on the internet today. Unfortunately, very few of them cover Veteran Rank Zones. In fact, to the best of our knowledge ESO Mastery Guides offers the only ESO Veteran Leveling Guide. Which is unfortunately, because there is a real need for leveling guides covering the Veteran Ranks. Veteran Ranks Zones are areas of ESO that only open up after your character reaches level 50.

These zones include the other two Alliances in Tamriel, a number of Veteran Dungeons, and adventure areas such as Craglorn, which was first released in June. Veteran Rank Zones triple the gameplay area of ESO, so allowing experienced players to keep playing for hundreds of hours after completing the regular content. Veteran Ranks Zones are available on both PC and Mac, and will be available on PS4 and Xbox One once ESO is released for consoles.

Unfortunately, leveling in Veteran zones has been taking players by surprise, and not in a good way. Veteran Levels are a lot longer than regular levels, so in the time it takes to gain 10 regular levels you might only gain 1 Veteran Rank. This has been frustrating a lot of players, who feel like Veteran Levels are mainly a long grind.

Part of the reason players feel this way is expectations–if you are used to leveling up after 1 hour play time, it’s going to be a shock when it suddenly takes 10 hours. But another issue is that there are lots of leveling guides for ESO, and very few for Veteran Ranks. A player going through Veteran Levels is likely to really be doing a lot more grinding than they would in regular levels, just because they don’t have a guide to help them find the fastest way to level and avoid the grinding.

Nothing will make leveling through Veteran Ranks fast. These ranks are designed to take a long time to level through and require extra focus on getting the best possible build–after all, these are VETERAN levels. However getting an ESO Veterans Leveling Guide can help avoid the worst of the grinding and get you through the long levels as fast as possible. Being able to focus on playing the quests and dungeons that will help you level, and avoid the grinding bits can make playing Veteran Levels a lot more enjoyable.