The Best Summoners War Guide


Do you love playing action-packed video games? If yes, then Summoners War is just the game meant for you to play and enjoy a satisfying gaming experience. This fantasy game has been designed to ensure thrill and excitement to the players.

With over 80 million users all across the world, this game is one of the most reliable RPGs. As soon as you sign up for this game, you need to start collecting different monsters that will help you win the battle for the Mana Crystals- the most vital resource.

If you are a newbie, going through the following guide will help you understand the game and how it should be played to win the battle.

A Beginner’s Guide

Some game elements may be confusing for you when you start playing this game. Thus, to thoroughly enjoy the gameplay, go through this Summoners War Guide that provides some basic information.

The Monsters

There are five groups of Monsters classified into five groups. These are water, fire, light, wind, and dark. As you start playing the game, you can level up them. In the first stages, you can summon a few monsters.

Water Fairy- Elucia

Elucia or the Water Fairy is the first monster that leads the group and is good for your defense. It helps to break and to slow down attacks affecting your monsters.

When playing Level 1, the chance of freezing your adversary for one turn is 20 percent which increases by 40 percent at Level 3. At Level 2, her skills help in cleansing a single ally and recover their HP when she’s at max, and for two turns, she can put her enemy to sleep.

Fire HellHound- Sieq
When playing in the early stages of the game, this monster helps in bringing ample damage to enemies at Skill 2 and self-sustaining with minimum skill. This monster also offers critical rate buff and impressive 3-turn attack as it reaches its maximum potential.

The Buildings
Besides monsters, the surroundings also have some buildings possessing different capabilities and playing varied roles. The game has 12 distinct buildings that have some basic functions for every player.
Some other buildings are Mana Stone buildings, Experience Buildings, Glory Buildings, and Crystal Buildings. Some buildings that need to be acquired are-
1. Summoner’s Tower (Free)
2. Summonhenge(Free)
3. Gateway (Free)
4. Power-Up Circle
5. Arcane Tower
6. Magic Shop
7. Temple of Wishes
8. Transmogrification Building
9. Fuse Center
10. Fusion Hexagram
11. Monster Storage
12. Craft Building

Some Tricks to Win the Battle

1. Play daily and earn crystals. It may not be easy to complete daily missions but trying for the same will help you earn and enjoy a lot of freebies.
2. Be a part of Guild Battles and earn Guild Points that can unlock a slew of amazing rewards for you.

3. Spend some time learning the power held by your monsters. At the same time, you need to understand that having a lot of monsters do not necessarily mean that you will be able to win the battle. The only way to do so is by learning the way these monsters work and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, even if you have only three or five monsters, you have high chances of winning the battle.

4. Another trick that you must learn is to be leveling up your monsters. If you quickly wish to level up a monster, take it to the level that has already been completed and replay that stage.

This game is created to help build up fighting spirit in you besides giving you a full dose of thrill and excitement.