ESO Sorcerer Builds For The Highest DPS

eso-sorcerer-dps-buildSorcerers are some one of the best DPS classes in ESO, in fact there are Sorcerer builds that do 1200+ DPS. ESO Sorcerer builds are often geared towards crowd control or magical tanking, but a Sorcerer wields a great deal of power, and properly built, their DPS can dominate any battlefield.

The best Sorcerer DPS builds use staves and medium/heavy armor to take advantage of the bonuses Sorcerer’s receive. They focus on skills from the Storm Calling and Daedric Summoning skill lines, with a few DPS skills from the Dark Magic line.

There are a number of ways to build a high DPS Sorcerer, and an ESO Sorcerer build guide will give detailed information on many of them. Here are a few points to get you started:

Make full use of your summonings. Most classes are restricted to a single attack at a time. This means their maximum DPS is the maximum of their strongest attacks. No so Sorcerers. By summoning their Daedric allies, Sorcerers can effectively be making multiple attacks at once. This gives them a DPS multiplier no other class has access to.

Sorcerer builds for The Elder Scrolls Online need to walk a fine line between enough Stamina, Magicka, and Health. Especially if the build is a combat-mage. Sorcerers that throw spells from a distance only need large amounts of Magicka and Health, but those Sorcerers are also neglecting some of the classes strongest abilities. In general, a DPS Sorcerer does best to focus on Stamina and Magicka. Sorcerers do have some self-healing buffs, and specializing in potions combined with medium-heavy armor can do a lot to make up for low health.

Finally, while it isn’t technically a part of the build, players who create DPS Sorcerers need to be able to keep track of the whole battlefield. Where more DPS characters only need to see the enemy in front of them, ESO Sorcerer Builds that focus on DPS also need to keep track of their summoned creatures and the enemies they are taking on.

ESO Mastery Guides is pleased to offer some of the most comprehensive ESO Sorcerer guides available. If you are interested in building a high-powered DPS Sorcerer you can get detailed build information in our guides. If you use the ESO Mastery Guides to help you create your own DPS Sorcerer build, don’t forget to share it in the forums.